Floral centerpiece
floral arrangements for holiday

Floral Centerpiece

The right floral centerpiece can transform your d├ęcor for any occasion without too much effort. A floral centerpiece can be made from real flowers or silk flowers. You can also combine it with candles and greenery. A floral centerpiece for a wedding should match the colors of the wedding to give everything a very balanced look. Choosing a floral centerpiece can be time consuming but here are some tips to help you.

Consider the size of the event before you choose a floral centerpiece. If you are hosting a large wedding the cost of creating a floral centerpiece of reach table at the reception can really add up over time. If the tables are small you don't want a large floral centerpiece because it will leave less room for the guests to enjoy their meal and have room for their drinks. You also don't want the floral centerpiece to be so large it blocks the view of the wedding party.

A floral centerpiece can be used for any type of event so you aren't constricted to only using them for weddings. A dinner party, birthday dinner, or graduation party all can be celebrated with the addition of a beautiful floral centerpiece at each table. One of the main considerations is do you use real flowers or silk ones. Some people have allergies to real flowers that may be an issue at your event. Silk flowers look every bit as lovely as real flowers but they are less expensive. Many people miss the wonderful smell of real flowers though.

You really need to consider your budget as well as where the event is taking place to decide on this. If your event will be held outdoors during the day real flowers are going to start to look wilted and not so pretty as the day goes along. Real flowers also have to be kept fresh until right up to the event. Are you going to be able to get them from the storage location to the event without too much trouble?


The floral centerpiece you use can help set the mood for the event you are hosting. A floral centerpiece can give out vibes that are fun or that are romantic in nature. If you are planning the event to celebrate a special occasion for someone you might want to choose their favorite flowers or their favorite colors for the floral centerpiece. This will really tell them just how special they are to you.

There is no limit to the types of flowers or the colors you can use to create a floral centerpiece. You can have them professionally made or you can create your own. They are a lovely addition to any time of event that gives it a very elegant appearance. People of all ages enjoy flowers so you don't have to worry if your floral centerpiece will appear to be in good taste. If you aren't sure of the right color for your floral centerpiece white and other light colored flowers blend well with almost anything.

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Floral centerpiece
floral arrangements for holiday

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